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Shakirah’s Personal Info

Hey, my name is Shakirah and I’m just a girl from Harlem, New York. I grew up in a lower class single mother home. In fact I was an orphan by the age of 12. Despite my circumstances and socioeconomic status growing up I had a pretty happy childhood due to my ability to make really great friends. This part of my life is important to know because it has a lot to do behind my passion to have information and resources easily available to others. I had zero guidance on what to do with my life, how to navigate adulthood or the real world. As you can imagine this led to a great amount of mistakes in my 20’s, both personally and professionally. I had my daughter who is now 6 when I was 29 and that was the point in which my life completely changed. I became motivated and goal oriented and ready to create a life I couldn’t even imagine as a kid. I had all sorts of ideas and plans but I had no idea how to make things fall into place. Then I took a leap of faith and stepped into my purpose.



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The Mission

ShakirahForde.com is a website designed to help people develop personal skills and improve mental & spiritual health. Through managing our mental health, enhancing our mood and prioritizing our spiritual selves we can live a life of purpose, find enjoyment in our daily lives and combat life’s stressors more easily.  We will explore routines, time management, self discipline, self love, finding purpose, uncovering our shadow selves, shedding the ego and more.

How it started

I completed graduate school in 2013 and have been practicing psychotherapy since. With over 8 years of experience of helping my clients overcome mental health issues, cope with severe medical conditions, career coaching, improve self esteem, motivation, stress management and more I realize that helping others step into their purpose is my greatest achievement. Now of course getting from point A to where I am now was TOUGH. Navigating my own mental health, starting and creating a six figure counseling practice and being the best mom I can be was a balancing act to say the least. However, by researching, learning and utilizing tools and services, I can honestly say I am living my best life and I want you to do the same.

How its going

My current hobbies include learning about the stars and anything beyond our skies, reading anything and everything ( I’m obsessed with learning something new everyday), taking walks in nature and I’ve recently taken my first ski lesson. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could create a life where you received an income that supported your dream life, felt purpose in what you did and brought joy to your day to day. Well that is what this site is aimed at helping you do. I cover a wide range of topics from apps to help improve productivity, create and sustain healthy habits, products to assist with a good night’s sleep and healthy lifestyle as well as tools for sustaining a profitable business. I update my post weekly, keeping you up to date with trends, scientific advancements and new technology.