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A multi state licensed mental health therapist with a curiosity for spiritual awareness and a passion for self discovery.

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Lifestyle Mental Health Personal Development

7 Best Biofeedback Devices of 2022: What They Are and How They Help

Biofeedback devices are becoming more and more popular as people become more interested in improving their health. These devices help you to train your body to better control its functions,.

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Mental Health Personal Development Uncategorized

7 Signs You Care Too Much About What Others Think

Human beings, as inherently social creatures, harbor an innate desire for acceptance and validation from their peers. This inherent inclination.

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full harvest moon at sunset
Mental Health Spirituality

Harvest Moon 2023: Clearing What No Longer Serves You

What is the Harvest Moon? The Harvest Moon is a celestial event steeped in lore, culture, and spiritual symbolism, appearing.

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two women holding a sign that says "perfectly imperfect" promoting self confidence
Mental Health

20 Journal Prompts for Self Esteem

Understanding Self-Esteem These journal prompts for self esteem are aimed at. increasing self love and encouraging positive self talk. Self-esteem,.

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spiritual symbols
Lifestyle Spirituality

4 Types of Spirituality 

Spirituality: A Journey Beyond the Mundane At the core of our existence lies a profound need for connection, purpose, and.

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woman sitting in chair struggling with depression and anxiety
Mental Health Personal Development

20 Journal Prompts for Anxiety and Depression

The concept of Journaling In the vast landscape of human emotions, there lie valleys of anxiety and plateaus of depression..

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man in the middle of the water with sunset in the background
Lifestyle Mental Health Personal Development

How to Be Alone

I am so grateful that you have chosen to spend a few moments with me today. Know that as you.

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