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A multi state licensed mental health therapist with a curiosity for spiritual awareness and a passion for self discovery.

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Best Home Biofeedback Devices for Stress [2024]

Whats all the hype? Biofeedback therapy has emerged as a powerful tool in the landscape of stress management techniques, harnessing the body’s own signals to foster greater emotional and physiological.

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Astrology and numerology combines boojk

Combined Astrology & Numerology: A Simple guide

The Magic in Astrology and numerology combined In the quest for self-discovery and understanding the universe’s mysteries, astrology and numerology.

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Lifestyle Mental Health

Tips to Stop Overthinking in The Talking Stage

The Talking Stage  The “talking stage” of a romantic relationship is a delicate and often undefined period where two individuals.

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What Numerology Says About Life Path 11: Meaning and Traits

Brief Introduction to Numerology as a Study of Numbers and Their Mystical Significance Numerology is an ancient metaphysical science that.

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Sign that says "Radical Self Love" surrounded by flowers"
Mental Health Personal Development

The Best Powerful Quotes For Radical Self – Love

The Foundation of Radical Self-Love In a world increasingly dominated by idealized images of beauty and success, the concept of.

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Lifestyle Mental Health

60 Quotes to Make You Smile and Brighten up Your Day

Instant Mood Life In a world that often seems filled with challenges and stresses, finding reasons to smile can sometimes.

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letters scrambled on a table spelling "OCD"
Mental Health

Why OCD Lies: Understanding Compulsive Behaviors

  OCD is A Liar Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a complex mental health condition that affects millions of people worldwide..

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